Advance Nutrition

Advance Nutrition

Long-time ago I discovered a book about natural products, like plants and fruits capable of improving one’s health, as they have medicinal properties that help the body to recover itself. The book also exposed how we are being poisoned daily through food and water by vested interests.

At the same time, the book also revealed how different plants and fruits mostly sourced from less industrial countries, could help the body “cure itself” from the most common diseases.

That lead me to change my viewpoint and to start changing my diet, looking for better food and natural products.

For over two years I have been using a Pea Protein to help me restore the energy of the body, at the start of my day, as a complement to my breakfast, or when finishing my daily work to restore and “feed” my muscles (instead of the chocolate bar, that I used to).

Recently, a friend presented me with a more complete natural protein and it really made total sense as all the supplements that had been added to the vegetable protein were there as a plus for energy, adding essential nutrients to the body, to create a full healthy balance.

And more, the body starts to be fit and with those added natural components, you start to get the body you want.

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