Create the Future’Planet with Eco-Products

Create the Future’ Planet with Eco-Products

Be an entrepreneur while creating a healthy lifestyle means also that you contribute to creating a better Future’ Planet for the next generations using Eco-Products.

All my life I was always moved by news about Planet contamination. And that was one of my first essays about, at school.

For me, there’s always a way to at least reduce if not eliminate the residuals that eventually produce a nocive impact on the Planet’s wealth.

This is Our home, no matter where science might take, in the future (to others planets or gravitational stations). I believe this Blue Planet deserves to be kept as clean and healthy as possible.

So, every time I would find out about someone creating a way to get better recyclable material, I would promote it and make it known!

Just as an example a scientist team, in Chile, just made one more breakthrough. They found a way to produce bags that when you don’t need anymore can be soluble in water, and this way can replace the dangerous plastic bag or the cutting of trees to make the paper bag. But, as such there are other solutions, using back to natural raw materials.

Using Natural Products on the day-to-day

Cork drying in sun

Cork is one of Portugal’s biggest and most important exports. In fact, Portugal is the biggest cork producer in the world and produces more than 50% of the world’s cork supply. The vast majority of this is made into wine bottle stoppers but, increasingly, more and more cork is being sold to the construction and fashion industries and even to the space industry.

As well as being great for storing wine, cork is great for sound and heat insulation, and it’s increasingly being used for sound-proofing materials and for floor tiles. It’s also used for all kinds of accessories including handbags, purses, wallets, mousemats, yoga mats, iPad covers, shoes, and even furniture, as well as in woodwind instruments, and inside baseballs. 

The best thing about cork, aside from being a good earner for Portugal, is that it’s sustainable. The trees aren’t cut down or damaged when the cork is harvested, and they can be harvested every 9 years for the lifetime of the tree (roughly 270 years). To cut down a cork tree you actually need a permit from the Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture, and it would be illegal to cut a cork tree down without one.

With the propriety of being totally waterproof, anti-allergic, and breathable, good for people that have reaction allergic problems to other materials. For that, it is a preferential product to do bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

Please, share with me all the good news about how we can clean up this Planet from harmful contaminating and achieve a bright one to the future generations.

YES – I want to join the Planet movement and know how I can contribute to the Planet’s Future.