Detox/Clean Body

My Personal Story

About two years ago I was in extreme pain because of a Sciatic Nerve (one of the biggest nerves on the body, coming out of the column that cames down to the right and left legs) affecting my left leg.

After several weeks looking for some specialist to help me, I finally got the help of chiropractic, that clever enough, made an X-ray and found that I had lost one “disk” of my last vertebra and that my sciatic nerve was trapped by the collapse of it.

The chiropractic program started immediately and intensively and I started to feel the relief, enough to get back to walk, and more importantly, get back to proper sleep.

It was time to research and find out why this happened, and the more I talked to other people the more it came clear that was a common situation, especially when you have gone over the 50ties.

My investigation brought me to the fact that my body was incapable of assimilating the calcium of animal milk. And that our bodies are not really prepared to assimilate this kind of calcium. So time goes by, the body, not being able to assimilate it started to “build up” on my “back” and form calcium ramifications and solidify the vertebrae.

There was one more fact: the fact the sugar “eat” the cartilage, and in my case, it affected strongly, my body, and accelerated the process for deterioration.

The more I was investigating this field of Nutrition the more I was fascinated with all my wrong diet over the years.

Time to Change

Good! I definitely knew now something important about it, what to avoid to have a healthy life.

I started to change the animal milk for a vegetable one, like almonds or rice, without sugars or additives.

Eliminated red meat substituted by chicken or turkey.

Stoped the intake of white bread and other carbohydrates, replaced it by dark seed bread, occasionally.

And bite-by-bite all possible sugar possible – I say possible because if you start looking at everything we all buy, to eat, they have more or less percentage of sugars or worse, they artificial substitutes.

The Ultimate Solution

It was now time to find a way to “rebuild” that lost cartilage on my “back” and knees. And to find a detox program for all these wrongs foods intakes for years.

So I found this Spanish Company with the right coral calcium supplement that the body can naturally assimilate a supplement for the cartilage extracted from a mollusk, most common in Australia.

And the detox programs to my bowers and liver.

Today, I live very healthy, full of energy and sleep “like a baby”. My “disk” was fully “rebuild” and no more pains on the knees or other joints. And this proved by recent X-ray and MRI.

Be free to visit the website and learn from dedicated specialists.

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