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How I came to Create a New Lifestyle


My name is Luis Chester, and I was born in Lisbon. With 18 years old I had the “luck” of finding my Spiritual Mentor on a Practical Philosophy that I practice since then.

I am a 38 years entrepreneur on construction, decoration, and cleaning. I have created three companies in three different countries.

In Portugal, I learned my first job skills when I was 16 years old (while studying at the same time at night to become a professional mechanic engineer). I ended up learning how to building light structures, decorative ceilings, and walls on aluminum, wood, and plaster.

In the meantime, I finished my course and was ready to start my University graduation. However, a fine day I just stopped and realized that I was learning something about Installed computerized machines to produce a certain piece of machinery. And I said to myself “this is not what I want to do all my life”.

I want to be free to create anything I like.

So, after being two years in the Portuguese Navy (as part of my obligation to my country), I had well clear my mind “I don’t want to work to someone else”.

I wanted to be my own boss and create whatever I would decide.

I went get to my boss and said: “I Quit!”

On that same day, I started my first company using those skills, learned before.

In 2015, construction crashed in Portugal.

So I moved to Spain – starting all over again – and with all my accumulated know-how on management (on courses done along the way) in my specialized area.

I created a second company that got with the first contract, a pay rounding 10 K monthly.

Work was going amazing, when in 2018, again, construction crashed!

I re-created myself, while other big companies closed the door, using my know-how to adapt it to a refurbishment company, to a point of having 10 employers and other 3 companies working for me.

I was successful but had a routine of 14/17 hours of daily work.

So, chasing a new opportunity, I moved to England, with all my family. A suitcase of summer clothes (from the Spanish Mediterranean area) and my know-how.

I started then, my third company.

Last April 2019 I had a severe accident on my job that sent me to the hospital, where I went from intensive care to my first operation and then a second one to “rebuild” my right leg and arm (got 9 broken bones in total).

Over 3 months in a bed with a very restricted movement, I just decided that it was time to find a new way of life adapted to my new physical condition.

I was recovering well but didn’t see myself doing hard hours of work, and much less, intense physical work.

Looking online for a solution, where it would possible to use all my knowledge from a desk at home, I finally, one day, got across a video that changed my perspective about being an entrepreneur and became real that I could work from home about 3 – 4 hours a day, and with no need to make ‘cold calls’ or meet anyone, having to drive long or be in jammed traffic.

I am creating this website to share, with anyone who aspires a better life and future, the new lifestyle I am creating and to show you how to build a new way of life too.

Get time to work out the body, get better nutrition, detox from wrong foods over the years, tools to overcome life as an entrepreneur, and create mental and spiritual health.

I welcome you to find a route out.

My purpose in life is to help others!

I really hope I can help you!