Be True to Yourself

One very important thing I found, in all my fields of education, was the importance of understanding the meaning of the words I was read, especially nomenclature on technical areas.

If you are on a tablet, laptop or mobile operated by touch, you just need to pressure on top of the word you don’t feel sure of the meaning of and a dictionary will help you.

Otherwise, please look at the word on a dictionary, I love Oxford’s ones or find a glossary of terms for the specifical area you are studying.

What I am doing is:

The moment I cannot understand something,

go back on the text to find the last sentence I feel good and around that exact point will be a word that I don’t know to the meaning of.

This website

This website was created as part of my Online Business so on several places I go ask for your name and email with the objective of sending you links to other companies with products and programs that I have research and try myself. Been this way an affiliate to such companies.

Earning only by advertising their products.

You don’t pay more for it!

Please be free to follow it or not, as your own Integrity will be more important than what I tell you or others.

I just will share with you my own experience and researches that are real to me and that I trust.

Please do the same!


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