Mental & Spiritual Health

Mental & Spiritual Health

I believe we are like in a Golden Age of Evolution as Spiritual Beings and that will take us from the condition of Men – Homo Sapiens – to a high level of Illuminated beings.

Education is the Keyword for that to happen!

Men have made a physical evolution per the theories of Charles Darwin from the Seas as a simple organism to a highly complex “machine” of carbon-oxygen, which is now the actual Body.

And then came the Old Theories of the XIX century that say “men came from spontaneous combustion of an ammoniac sea”, “Men are animals and they cannot change”, etc…

I would like to point out something here.

Look around.

There is a poor and rich man, sad and happy people, there are sane and sick, right?

Those are conditions and each one is a change.

Look the artist, the actor, a painter, a musician – do you notice, especially those ones very admired, that they can communicate to you and you feel some type of understanding from their work?

This is another level of change to a better plateau – someone that can communicate.

With 18 years old I found a practical philosophy that has The Route to that Spiritual Evolution by Education. A Philosophy, as hundreds many others which fall in the field of religion itself, as most real philosophies do, for the spiritual improvement factor they have.

Now, make an exercise with me.

With your hands touch your head, arms, legs.

This is your body, a “machine” that works based on Carbon-Oxigen. It has several parts with specific functions, like your stomach, liver, heart, and even the brain.

Now close your eyes.

Create the picture of a flower, any flower, one you saw it recently (or not).

Try, with your finger “touch” that flower – leave your finger there.

Open your eyes.

Where are your fingers? – in your head or someplace outside?

That picture you have, that you “see” is on your mind, not in your brain (inside the head).

Let’s go further and answer this question.

Who has seen that picture? YOU, right?

But “your” eyes were closed, isn’t that so?

So You as a Spiritual Being have seen that picture of a flower in your Mind.

Thank you for your cooperation in this exercise.

At this point, I’d like you to click the Blue Button.

or the Red Button.

The first one will send you to a new discovery about You and understanding the way out of this “matrix”, and the blind route men are in.

The Red Button will erase all you saw on this Post and you are free to continue on the “matrix”.

Life is composed of problems and solutions and decisions.

Throughout my life, I was trying to find the Route a real Evolution.

I have studied through Sciences, Psychology, Meditation, Hypnotism, Astrology, Positive Though, etc.

All of them were “routes” but Meditation and Hypnotism, just to tell a few words as traps that put you in a condition of contemplating a beautiful scenario but don’t take you anyplace.

Positive Thought – many books can be found about that – and can work on someone that is already enough aware on this ascendent scale, but not for everybody.

No matter what your religion is, creed, race or color, please use this as a guideline – what you observe and is true for you – is what is true for you.

Be free to look more ahead and start your way up on the Evolution as a Being.

YES – I want to know more about the way out of the “Matrix”.