Personal Trainer

New Vision about workout the Body

Since very young – as most teenagers – I used to exercise my body, in a Gym, so as to get that amazing muscle I used to see in the guys of magazines and TV.

One day, I read a book, from a Champion Spanish Body Builder.

In that book, he explained how he had become a winner champion and I decided to adopt that methodology and, since then created the kind of body I liked and held at it until now with high performance.

The book shows you pictures of all muscles of the body and how each exercise works out in a positive and negative way (positive when you raise a weight, negative when you put down the weight).

Primarily, he stated that more important than workout every day and for a long time, one would better workout only 3/4 times a week, for 45 minutes to 1 hour, but never follow a set time.

One should just decide at any moment and go for it. This way the body will not be anticipating the effort and you can create more muscle mass.

Secondly, work out-breath this way – In to make effort, Out to release the effort.

And Third, visualize the muscles (learn by “picturing” what muscles are you working out exactly), the same time you do the positive and negative effort.

Another thing I found later was the importance of Natural, Organic Protein on Powder to mix with juices, or vegetal milk – pea protein, rice, almond, etc (except soy protein as the body cannot assimilate it well and most of it is transgenic).

Be very sure to read components, avoid additives, like sugars or substitutes, “hormones”, and other “toxic” substances.

If you think the above can be of help for you, follow these steps and start to intake these natural proteins.

Tell me then if you see the difference.

YES – I want more details and tips for a healthy workout and building my ideal body.