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What is this “Tiredness” I’m Feeling?

One of the things that always caught my attention was “why did I feel so “tired” physically and mentally at the end of the day?

My name is Luis Chester, I have created in the last 38 years, three companies of construction, decoration, and cleaning in three different countries having most of the timing cover most of the posts.

I would finish the working day feeling exhausted and then go home with all this pending ‘situations’ from work.

I would arrive home and feel disturbed with any small thing and not be able to fully enjoy my family time.

After looking for a solution, I found a simple way to solve that.

Decided to try it…

I parked the car at home but instead of going home with all that ‘package’ from work I just started to walk around the block, observing the neighborhood houses, shops windows, trees, the sky, other people in the street.

I carried on until I felt relaxed again, and funny enough found myself in a better mood as well.

It took me 30 minutes or 40 minutes but, in the end, I felt totally ‘refreshed’.

The tiredness disappeared and I just wanted to go home and kiss my wife and play with my daughter.

I started to use this simple technique, whenever I would end my day exhausted and it Worked!

Sometimes it would take me an hour, but it worked all the time!

Try this today, if this makes sense to you, after your working day.

YES – I want more tips on how to do better at work as an Entrepreneur.

I will be more than happy to answer you, the soonest as possible, as for me, I get great joy in helping others.